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Friday, 18 January 2019

Digital Leader ‘Field Trip’ @ the Apple Store, Regents Street

We took over an Apple Store last week and had lots of fun sampling new technology and products! We learned how to code using new apps and applied this learning by working together to code a robot.

The robot we learned how to operate is called a Sphero. It's a spherical robot toy,  capable of rolling around, changing colors, running programs, and being controlled by a smartphone or tablet.

We worked collaboratively to programme the Spheros to tackle difficult mazes laid out on the floor. We also operated a programming game called Swift Playground which is a game in which you have to make Steve finish a level.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

New Computing Books!

We have new books in our library!
All the Digital Leaders  researched different books about coding and creative computing.
We have even reviewed them - you will find all of the reviews are outside the Library.

The new books are really cool books for different ages, and are appropriate and educational  with bright colours and useful pictures.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Futsal - Wikipedia

Barnet Netball Champions!
4 years in a row…
Can you believe it?   YES!
Our skilled netball teams have been  unbeatable within Barnet!

We are so proud of our Netball stars, they have been working hard to develop their skills and, as a result, they brought home the trophy! Do you think they'll make it 5 years?

By Zeshawn

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The new 10 read's Reward

10 Reads @ The Hyde School

When children @ The Hyde school do 10 reads a week they get a reward; whether it's a bouncy castle, the big bounce or robot time; there is always a reward to remind us how important reading is.

 But this summer the school have changed the reward to... wheels!
When you do your 10 reads, you get the opportunity to try out any vehicle (except ones with engines!) 😂😂 We are lucky enough to have lots of vehicles with wheels like bikes and scooters for example.

So let's get reading! Remember, you cannot do more than 3 reads a day, and you have to complete your reads by Friday. You can do your reads during the weekend and do one read Friday.

By Rohin and Andrei

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The Hyde's book fair.Did the crayons really run home?

The Hyde's Book Fair; did the crayons really run home?

When we first arrived at the book fair we were amazed by the amount of books that were there. There were a range of amazing books you could buy to read. We have to admit it,  we're bookworms ourselves and both bought books.📑📑📑

The books were sorted into different shelves depending on their age rating on the book. The different ages are:  2+, 6+ and 8+. Our families loved the book fair and were eager to read the new books!📖📖📖

I (Rohin) gave in my money and finally got my book. I got Sci-Fi Junior high which is a about a evil scientist ruling the universe and Kelvin has to save the galaxy. I read the book and I would rate it⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. I loved it and enjoyed reading the book over and over again and I loved the book fair.

Don't forget to use your book tokens either at the Book Fair or at any book shop. Happy reading!

                                                              By: Rohin and Gulrukh 






Recently, I've went to the Hive stadium to watch Barnet vs Cambridge United. It was a really rainy day. It was one of the most competitive football matches I've ever seen! With great passing and amazing chances from both of the teams, Cambridge managed to snatch a wonderful goal that was unstoppable for the keeper. In the last few minutes, Barnet took a shot that was going to go in... But then keeper pulled out an astonishing save that nearly popped out my eyes! Then, all of the Barnet fans went silent, whereas the Cambridge fans were chanting "We love you Cambridge" 

Some of the people, often known as the 'Plastic fans', left the stadium in devastation before it had finished. I was a bit sad to see my local football team lose in their own stadium but nevertheless it was still a fun experience. If you ever get a opportunity to go to a football match, you should go!

Score Line:

Cambridge United 1-0 Barnet FC   

By Tarun with a little help from Roshan :)

Tuesday, 7 March 2017



There are new dancers in town from The Hyde!  They are performing at The Arts Depot tonight, along with other schools from Barnet and we wish them lots of luck! If it was us up there we know we would be sweating with fear...

We watched a rehearsal yesterday and, in our opinion, the best part of our dance is the aerial. It's amazing! If you're going to see it, have a great time and make sure you smile lots at our talented dancers.

By Andrei and Rohin